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[movies]Mega_Drive_Longplay_181_WWF_Wrestlemania_Arcade.mkv - kireev20000
WWF WrestleMania (also known on console versions as WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game) is a professional wrestling arcade game released by Midway Manufacturing Co. (now Midway Amusement Games, L.L.C.) in 1995. It is based on the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) professional wrestling promotion.
Keywords: longplay
Downloads: 143
[movies]Xbox 360 Longplay 044 Onechanbara Bikini Samurai Squad - Tsunao
Tamsoft-developed game. Serie's first HD outing (started as a budget game that is part of a budget series in Japan on PS2.) Series is known for having zombies and girls in questionable outfits. Let it be known that if there is EVER a game that features a girl in a bikini in a cowboy hat that uses (two) katanas, this game did it first! The third game in the series. Follow (the sexy) Aya (not to be confused with another Aya that has mitochondria power) and her (cute) sister Saki as they slay zombe...
Keywords: longplay
Downloads: 325
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [163] Toejam & Earl - JagOfTroy
One of my all-time favorite classic games, though it was certainly more fun with a friend. Played on a randomly generated world as the big man himself.
Keywords: longplay; jagoftroy
Downloads: 323
[movies]PC Engine Longplay [054] Columns - T-0815
http://www.longplays.org Played By: T-0815
Keywords: Columns; Longplay
Downloads: 91
[movies]NES Longplay [228] Crash n' the Boys - Street Challenge - JagOfTroy
Nothing special had to be done to complete this longplay. Includes normal game mode and storyline. A great game that is a part of a great series.
Keywords: longplay; NES
Downloads: 277
[movies]Amiga Longplay [413] Switchblade - Recorded Amiga Games
Switchblade Amiga Longplay
Keywords: Amiga longplay
Downloads: 446
[movies]Arcade Longplay [411] Punch Out - Yushira
Game is technically beaten after defeating Mr. Sandman but I fought two more fights to show that there is more. After which the opponents get tougher strategies and it goes on till you lose.
Keywords: Arcade; longplay
Downloads: 160
[image]Arcade Longplay [239] Enduro Racer - ScHlAuChi
Pretty short but insanely hard game - even on EASY i barely made it!
Keywords: longplay; arcade
Downloads: 109
[movies]The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare - Geekmeister
The Simpsons Bart's Nightmare for the SNES
Keywords: SNES; Longplay
Downloads: 1,431
[movies]Sapphire Longplay (PC-Engine) - PlasmaBlooD
It is a Longplay from Sapphire on PC-Engine.HF
Keywords: Sapphire; pcengine; video; longplay
Downloads: 86
[movies]Sapphire Longplay (PC-Engine) - PlasmaBlooD
Hier handelt es sich um ein Longplay des raren Shoot em ups Sapphire auf der PC Engine.HF :)
Keywords: Sapphire; pcengine; video; longplay
Downloads: 6,940
[image]PC Longplay [234] Word Rescue Episode 1: Visit Gruzzleville and the Castle - MrPopsicle43
I die and get lost in the more maze-y levels sometimes, but other than that, I'm satisfied with this longplay. :) The game features a speed change option, and after level 3, I adjust the speed to suit my preferences and so the longplay doesn't drag on as much.
Keywords: longplay; PC; MrPopsicle43
Downloads: 27
[image]PC Longplay [230] Crime Patrol - Aero
2003 PC port of the 1993 arcade game by American Laser Games. This one is pretty easy compared to other ALG shooters.
Keywords: longplay; PC; Aero
Downloads: 7
[movies]Nemesis III - PlasmaBlooD
This is a Longplayvideo from Nemesis III on MSX-Computer NTSC-Jap.Fullrun NoMiss Replay !Have Fun :)
Keywords: Nemesis; msx; video; longplay
Downloads: 154 5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars5.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[movies]Longplay - Ghosts N Goblins(NES)
Tool assisted longplay from the NES game "Ghosts`n`Goblins" The video starts in the second round. Search for "MontyMole" and watch our other longplays too.
Keywords: ghosts; goblins; nes; longplay
Downloads: 439
[movies]Arcade Longplay [241] Mille Miglia 2 - Aero
Played by Aero.
Keywords: longplay; arcade; Aero
Downloads: 114
[movies]Arcade Longplay [248] DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou Black Label - Tsunao
I think there's something about a military...and a giant-ass bee. Shmup...NO PLOT! This version of Dai-Ou-Jou has the original version (white label) and a new version (black label). Differences include different extend rate, keeping your lives while going into Loop 2, and being able to do one loop and still fight the True Last Boss. Condition is the same as activating the second loop: no more than 3 bombs dropped, not blowing up more than 2 times, or collecting 10 hidden Bees in three stages wit...
Keywords: longplay; arcade; Tsunao
Downloads: 151
[movies]Mega Drive Longplay [175] True Lies - JagOfTroy
A pretty decent game based off of the movie True Lies that follows the storyline pretty well. The gameplay is very appealing as well as the graphics for its time. I had forgotten this movie even existed along with the game til I booted it up for this longplay.
Keywords: longplay; genesis; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 359
[image]Mega Drive Longplay [174] Dark Castle - Valis77
Just look at it, i can't believe this is a port of a macintosh game back in 1986. Noted, it's by far the worst game on the Genesis....buut im sure they're are worst games then this.
Keywords: longplay; Genesis; Valis77
Downloads: 53
[image]NES Longplay [275] Arumana no Kiseki - Tsunao
Platformer or something by Konami. Alternative: Armana no Kiseki, Almana no Kiseki, Miracle of Almana. A jewel is stolen and everyone is turned to stone. Some d00d (who I shall dub Jndiana Iones) is tasked to recover the jewel. Kinda basic: jump, use stuff, and use a grappling hook. Some doors have enemies that give power-ups. Game is kinda difficult. X_X This (no skill) longplay goes through the game once...
Keywords: longplay; NES; Tsunao
Downloads: 59
[image]Mega Drive Longplay [160] Jerry Glanville's Pigskin Footbrawl - JagOfTroy
A modified football game with only one type of match/arena available and fatalities.
Keywords: longplay; genesis; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 33
[image]PC Engine Longplay [159] Galaga '90 (a) - NPI
Known in Japan as Galaga '88 Here you have more than two and a half hours of Galaga!!! There is a total of four dimensions in which you can finish this game, and 2 modes (noraml and hard). Here are the timing for the start of the games and final boss battles with the ending. Dimension 1 Normal Start 00:13 Dimension 1 Normal Boss & Ending 16:15 Dimension 1 Hard Start 18:08 Dimension 1 Hard Boss & Ending 33:52 Dimension 2 Normal Start 35:45 Dimension 2 Normal Boss & Ending 53:48 Dimension 2 Hard S...
Keywords: longplay; PC Engine; NPI
Downloads: 65
[image]PC Engine Longplay [163] Ghost Manor - NPI
Looks like an usual platform game, but it's more like a labyrinth game. There are many more rooms in this game you can go, but to actually beat it you have to go the exact same as in this video.
Keywords: longplay; PC Engine; NPI
Downloads: 46
[image]PC Engine Longplay [160] Dragon Egg! - NPI
Nice little platform game.
Keywords: longplay; PC Engine; NPI
Downloads: 50
[movies]Master System Longplay [066] Toto World 3 - T-0815
http://www.longplays.org Played By: T-0815
Keywords: Toto World 3; Longplay
Downloads: 104
[movies]NES Longplay [264] Nekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes - JagOfTroy
This was the final Kunio-kun game in the series. Very interesting gameplay to say the least with a different spin on the game of basketball.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 317
[movies]NES Longplay [247] Solstice - JagOfTroy
An awesome mind-bending puzzler with multiple ways to solve the problems presented by the game. I saved the awesome main theme till the end of the video since it shows some of the solutions to the puzzles during the demo.
Keywords: longplay; nes; jagoftroy
Downloads: 282
[movies]Master System Longplay [068] Submarine Attack - T-0815
http://www.longplays.org Played By: T-0815
Keywords: Submarine Attack; longplay
Downloads: 132
[movies]Arcade Longplay [247] Sorcer Striker - Tsunao
Raizing shmup. Something about some goblins, magical weapons, and money. Shmup...NO PLOT! Just another vertical shmup but with...medieval...magic...theme....Iunno. This game was KINDA hard. This [no skill] run goes through both loops with [the super cute witch] Chitta on default settings. Forward shot is used mostly. It took me awhile to kinda realize that her Forward shot isn't awesome. =/ Homing was kinda better...
Keywords: longplay; arcade; Tsunao
Downloads: 94
[movies]NES Longplay [232] Blue Shadow - JagOfTroy
NINJAS! Vaguely reminiscent of Ninja Gaiden. Controls are slightly sluggish at times but otherwise a good game.
Keywords: longplay; nes; Blue Shadow
Downloads: 262
[movies]NES Longplay [257] Lethal Weapon - JagOfTroy
Nine levels of boring, repetitive crap. I was tired of playing this half-way through the first board but I forced myself to complete this so no one else would have to brave this piece of garbage. Hardly any special weapons or power-ups, just your fists and a pistol to face an onslaught of repeating enemies. The game doesn't seem to follow any of the movies whatsoever and the bosses couldn't be more unimaginative...
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 350
[movies]Game Boy Longplay [067] Battle Unit Zeoth - Ray
Astala vista, baby!
Keywords: longplay; Game Boy; Ray
Downloads: 236
[image]NES Longplay [283] Mad City - JohnX895
Keywords: longplay; NES; JohnX895
Downloads: 39
[movies]NES Longplay [266] Faxanadu - JagOfTroy
A difficult platform action/RPG game that involves some heavy grinding at certain points in order to acquire items. Xanadu is the original game in the series. Famicon (Japanese Nintendo) + Xanadu = Faxanadu Just about every single item and magic was acquired in this game though I skipped getting one particular magic power since it doesn't really add anything special and it would of taken a lot of boring grinding in order to buy it...
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 345
[movies]NES Longplay [236] Platoon - JagOfTroy
This game can drive you crazy with the mazes and split second reaction time before getting mauled by the enemy. Not sure how this game mirrors the movie other than just the ending. Not a terrible game but not great either.
Keywords: longplay; nes; jagoftroy
Downloads: 318
[movies]NES Longplay [238] Downtown Nekketsu Koushinkyoku - Cross-Country - JagOfTroy
Poor translation to English since the game was never released outside of Japan. Definitely fun gameplay for the first two events. The last two just reminded me of an updated River City Ransom, you can hear some sound effects they borrowed from Double Dragon II on NES. The end game tune is also a great listen.
Keywords: longplay; nes; jagoftroy
Downloads: 328
[movies]NES Longplay [243] American Gladiators - JagOfTroy
Ever wanted to beat someone with a jousting stick while being 60 feet in the air? Well now you can.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 324
[image]NES Longplay [279] Rescue - The Embassy Mission (a) - MrPopsicle43
Played on Commander difficulty and mission Jupiter. You really have to be careful with your movements in this difficulty. All missions are the same, it's just another difficulty changer. According to game time, I beat it in 07:20. JagOfTroy's movie just played on Lieutenant and mission Target.
Keywords: longplay; NES; MrPopsicle43
Downloads: 32
[movies]NES Longplay [239] Gold Medal Challenge '92 - JagOfTroy
Full playthrough as the United States of America.
Keywords: longplay; nes; olympic
Downloads: 287
[image]NES Longplay [263] Tecmo World Wrestling - Valis77
This is the best Wrestling game ever made on the nes. 2:25 Akira Dragon 6:24 El.Tiger 11:06 Pat Gordon 13:52 Rex Beat 17:36 Jackie Lee 20:24 Boris Chekov 22:33 Mark Rose 23:30 Julio Falcon 27:05 Randy Gomez 31:01 Blue King
Keywords: longplay; NES; Valis77
Downloads: 47
[movies]NES Longplay [241] Space Shuttle Project - JagOfTroy
A space shuttle simulator. Great for those avid of Space or wanting to be an astronaut. Otherwise, redundant gameplay and music.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 291
[movies]NES Longplay [272] Nightshade - JagOfTroy
Pretty decent entertaining adventure game with fight sequences. It had good humor and was suppose to be the first in a series but sadly, no sequels were made after the first one. It did however (somehow) setup Beam Software to produce the SNES Shadowrun version two years later. 100% completion with the subsequent death traps added on to the ending of the video along with the ending you get when you fail to complete the game.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 335
[image]NES Longplay [282] Akumajou Dracula - Valis77
Im playing it on easy mode just to show off the diffrence. YOu can't get knocked back from taking hits, you take less damage, You get to keep your attack mutiplayers(double /Triple shots) after level..i think and when you change weapons.
Keywords: longplay; NES; Valis77
Downloads: 64
[movies]NES Longplay [248] Captain Saver - JagOfTroy
This is the Japanese release of Power Blade 2, somewhat similar to Mega Man but enough difference to make it enjoyable without being a complete rip-off.
Keywords: longplay; NES; JagOfTroy
Downloads: 303
[movies]NES Longplay [231] Track&Field II - JagOfTroy
Longplay of all the events in Championship mode. Enjoy!
Keywords: longplay; nes; jagoftroy
Downloads: 273
[image]NES Longplay [252] Maniac Mansion - MrPopsicle43
Funny and creative adventure game. It is also known for being the first popular game to use a mouse (in the computer versions, of course) to select commands instead of typing them, and that soon became the norm in the genre. First Playthrough: - Gets Bernard's ending - Uses Bernard and Razor - Minimalist completion Second Playthrough (0:28:19): - Gets Razor/Syd's ending (They both have the same skills, so both have the same ending) - Uses Razor and Bernard - Almost full completion
Keywords: longplay; NES; MrPopsicle43
Downloads: 90
[movies]Game Boy Longplay [065] Astro Rabby - Ray
I am beaten down.
Keywords: longplay; Game Boy; Ray
Downloads: 241
[image]Game Boy Longplay [066] Fist of the North Star - Ironsharp
One of those many not-very-good Fist of the North Star/Hokuto no Ken games that came along over the years; this one has the odd distinction of being the only FotNS game localized other than the equally bad 1987 NES beat-em-up and 2010's Ken's Rage (AKA "The Good One"). In this longplay I employ the top-tier strategy of jumping around like a crazy person, except against later opponents who also seemed to employ this technique...
Keywords: longplay; Game Boy; Ironsharp
Downloads: 37
[image]NES Longplay [227] Uninvited - MrPopsicle43
Horror-themed adventure game. Part of the MacVenture series.
Keywords: longplay; nes; MrPopsicle43
Downloads: 70
[image]NES Longplay [281] Menace Beach (Unlicensed) - Valis77
Im not gonn alay this game again the controls are horrible i mean it's like ice physics done wrong. Not to mention it was the last Nes Unlicenced game ever made.....kinda.
Keywords: longplay; NES; Valis77
Downloads: 27
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